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Stepping outside my box in 2020!

This last holiday season saw me teaching my first organized class. It is always nerve wracking to try something new. I am happy to say that it was AMAZING! We had so much fun that I am going to be planning several classes a month at 2 different locations. Make sure to Like the Facebook page to find out where I will be next!

Late last year, I also started playing with encasing pieces in resin. I will continue my experiments throughout this year. The little rose keychains turned out so cute!

A new challenge that I am going to be working on will be wire. I have visions of metal quilled snowflakes & a flat wire Finnish Star. I have the supplies, now to just find the time & training...

2019 saw so much growth in the business! I hope 2020 brings more opportunities to reach out & spread my love of this craft. I will see you in class!

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