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Let's Take This Show Online!

So the last month or so has been interesting to say the least. The adjustment has definitely been a process. I am happy to say that, mentally, I seem to have made it to the other side. The first 3 - 4 weeks were tough. Between all the stuff, factual or not, in the news & on social media, trying to work while helping our girls with virtual schooling & making sure everything around the house ran smoothly, I was in a very dark place. Now the girls have settled in & I have learned to give myself a little grace. This has allowed me to be able to actually focus on my art more & start making class videos for anyone who wants to learn a little more about quilling.

My first ever YouTube video, Quilling 101: The Tools of the Trade, went up on 4/26/2020. Check it out!

I have decided to host my scheduled classes online. I have class kits for each that will be available to purchase 30 days prior to the scheduled class. These will located in the Classes category in my online store. Up to the first project class I will post short technique videos to help you learn the basics that will be needed to complete the classes. First up will be a Beachy class because at this point we can all use a vacation!

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