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Homework as an adult...

The last month has been very challenging for me. As I mentioned in another post, I am beginning to teach Quilling classes in several Central Ohio locations. The online listings for my classes need pictures so potential students know what they would be making. This means that, before the class listings can be posted, I have to make at least 1 sample of the class project. With 2 classes per month, that means no less than 6 completed pieces in a relatively short amount of time.

Do you remember, in school, when you LOVED reading, until the teacher assigned it? Once assigned, even if you had planned on reading the book already, being forced to read it & treat it as an assignment took all the enjoyment out of reading it. I am quickly getting to that point. Add in starting as a teacher at The Arts Castle in Delaware, OH and I am approaching a creative drought.

To combat this, I have been trying to alternate class projects with holiday inventory. Class mandala?

Thin red line Ohio ornament.

Class Spring & summer wreath?

Framed baby gift.

Now that I have all the samples done through August... I think... I can relax & work on fun ornaments. Plus I need to clean up the mess from the craziness!

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