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Happy Holidays?!?!

This year has definitely been full of challenges. Between lock-downs, quarantines & homeschooling, business has struggled. Like most crafters, I think I held out hope for the holidays. Reality has set in...

I finally started working on new ornaments this week & have found it surprisingly soothing. Just getting back to what started this adventure has inserted a sense of normalcy. I am delivering my first batch of holiday inventory to Ohio Art Market, in Uptown Westerville, this weekend. Most of the ornaments are remnants of my 2019 inventory... As I have said before, I really prefer special requests or orders, as guessing what will sell at shows in any given year can be hard.

I have also learned that trademark licenses can be cost & labor prohibitive for small businesses. The information & documents required by some companies are just not things I have available as an individual artist. It is so frustrating, as customers & shops request trademarked items all the time.

Keep an eye on my Etsy shop as I will be adding exclusive pieces, such as animals & initials, soon with FREE shipping!

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