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Getting Hard To Juggle

Happy Sunday!! I hope this post finds your family healthy & safe.

Here in Central Ohio, we have just survived, I mean finished, our first

week doing "remote learning". My girls have been home full time for 3 weeks, which means my creative time has been under attack. Finding time to work while making 5 million snacks a day & refereeing a tween & 2nd grader is next to impossible. How are you guys doing??

I have always counted myself lucky to have come

from a very close family. We are 30+ strong & communicate pretty regularly. This stay-at-home order is very difficult. I liken it to when you have been comfortable on the couch binging your fav show, for hours & the cat, dog or kid comes & lays on you. you didn't feel the impulse to move until you couldn't. Even my introverted friends are itching to at least see those people that they count as friends. I am much more aware of how much I look forward to seeing my mother, grandmother & eldest child. My baby #1 is staying as safe as possible in Cincinnati. Birthday season is fast approaching in our family & I think this is the first birthday for him that plans have not been made to do dinner out to celebrate. Breaks this momma's heart.

I have been using the time at home to try out a few new things. I have an on-edge project going. I also am testing out acrylic pouring to see if that could be a background option. I love mixing my paper with other media to add an extra visual interest.

How have you all kept busy?

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