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Big Announcement!!

As you may know, a sad result of Quarantine 2020, I lost my last physical retail presence. I was really starting to question whether I should continue. I ultimately decide that for my sanity (the creation) and budget (retail) I NEEDED to keep going.

To that end, I contacted the new owner of Ohio Art Market in Uptown Westerville.( and arranged a meeting to see if returning to the my first shop was in the cards. And it is!!!

Starting July 1st, Ohio Art Market will be THE place to get my art, cards & ornaments! I will maintain my online presence as well, but will be pulling all the framed art. The risk & cost of shipping frames is just not ideal. I will also continue to take custom orders, both online & through the shop.

This gives all my fans the option to double their Shop Local contribution. You can support a great local business while showing paper love.

Remember to follow me on Facebook & Instagram (@swirlingpaper) to stay up to date on where I will be next!

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