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What started it all...

Shopping frustration meets mountains of scrapbooking paper

Like a lot of families, our kids get Christmas ornaments every year. When they are little, this is easy, but I learned that ornaments for teenage boys are few & far between. 

Four years ago, I was ready to throw in the towel. We were packing for a big move and I was staring at a pile of boxes filled with scrap-booking paper. Most of the paper was acquired with the thought of making baby books, vacation albums, wedding albums, etc. None of which ever happened. I had the idea to make him an ornament, but didn't know how. So I hit Pinterest. SO. MANY. OPTIONS! 

I stumbled upon a technique used during the Renaissance to decorate religious documents. It involved paper strips, which are coiled then shaped into various forms to create beautiful, sometimes delicate images. I was hooked. That first ornament turned out so pretty that family & friends suggested seeing if I could make my crafting into a business. I started out doing small craft shows. I am now in two brick & mortar shops with a possible spot in a local small gallery on the horizon. I still participate in some craft shows during the holiday season. They are so much fun! I love the people & the challenge of working with my clients to make their pieces into something special & beautiful.

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